estimated annual savings

In Technology with 3 users and 3 average apps per user.

$79,000 - $141,000

Savings breakdown:

Password Resets

Yearly savings on password-reset related helpdesk calls

Helpdesk calls mean password resets, which in turn draw precious resources from your IT team.
With OmniDefend, here's how much you could save every year on password resets.

in potential savings


Yearly savings based on login time and ease of access to applications

Logging in with a password takes time. With additional applications comes additional passwords, and passwords
always take a couple tries to get right anyway. This is how much you save on annual productivity with OmniDefend.

in potential savings


Your return on investment after just one year with OmniDefend

OmniDefend pays for itself in the short and long term. Here's your ROI, after only a year of password-less login.

in potential savings

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