Know Your Customers Using OmniDefend’s Large Scale Identification Feature

OmniDefend’s multi-factor authentication combined with its robust user identity management capability allows your enterprise to use biometrics or other security technology to quickly identify customers in your business processes. Watch the video to learn about how our customers have used biometrics to identify their customers.
Customer Identity Large Scale Identification

Large Database

OmniDefend can support identification of customers in a large database of millions of customers. You can have your customers enroll in biometrics or other forms of authentication and then quickly identify these users as required. OmniDefend can help you give your customers the easiest experience, whether at the teller window or ATM at a bank, checking in at an airport or even just trying to get into the gym for a workout. Your customer’s biometric becomes their identification.
Customer Identity Large Scale Identification

Biometric Support

Using OmniDefend’s leading edge 1:N fingerprint matching, a customer can be identified out of a database of 50 million fingerprints in under 3 seconds. 1:N matching support is available on other forms of biometrics like palm vein scanning as well.

On-Premise Deployment

Don’t want your customer’s authentication templates sitting out in the cloud? OmniDefend allows an enterprise to deploy inside their own infrastructure (on-premise) so that all your customer’s data is secured by your policies.

API Integration

Implement large scale identification of customers into your business applications, by using the OmniDefend SDK and APIs.  With our simple and secure APIs, customer identification can be integrated into any platform very easily. Professional services are available to help your developers with the integration.

Workforce Management APIs
Real Time Reporting

Audit Reports

Using OmniDefend’s auditing and reporting facilities, you can track your customer’s history with your business. Want to know how many times a customer checked-in to your gym? Want to know which branches a customer visits the most? Need to know how many returns a specific customer has done in the last month? All of these are possible by integrating with OmniDefend.
Real Time Reporting