OmniDefend Identity Access Management
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What can OmniDefend do for You?

Workforce Protection

Workforce Protection

OmniDefend secures your employees, contractors and vendors by using strong authentication and universal single sign-on to access and secure business applications and processes.

Customer Identification

Customer Identification

OmniDefend eliminates customer fraud by using multi-factor authentication to identify and secure customer transactions online or on-premise.

Secure Online Experience

Secure Online Experience

OmniDefend allows you to quickly add authentication to your website so you can deliver a password-less experience for your customers and secure e-commerce transaction.

Omni-ID Technology Secures Everyone, Everywhere

Secure users on all platforms, for all applications, to solve your cyber security business challenges

OmniDefend Multi Factor Authentication System

Delegated Administration


Strong Multi-factor Authentication Methods


Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Identity Management and Role-Based Access Control


Federated Single Sign-On


Mobile Authenticator

Technology Built on Proven Standards

When it comes to security, OmniDefend implements standards that have been proven in the industry. OmniDefend supports OpenId, OAuth 2.0, and SAML for maximum compatibility and security for single-sign on applications. SCIM 2.0 allows OmniDefend to work seamlessly alongside identity management and user provisioning.

OmniDefend Proven Standards
OmniDefend for Every Business Industry

Solve your unique cyber security challenges

Every business industry has its unique identity, authorization and authentication challenges. OmniDefend is designed to help you make authentication and identity security easy to implement with advanced features such as CIAM and biometric login. These technologies offer a more secure and user-friendly way of authentication, allowing businesses to protect their data while providing users with a streamlined experience. Whether it be protecting patient identity in healthcare, or meeting regulatory compliance for multi-factor authentication in the financial sector, OmniDefend will make it simple and secure.

Learn how OmniDefend is solving the challenges of companies

Risas Dental uses OmniDefend to secure access to their dental management system and business applications

Alinma Bank
Centenary Bank
Mitsubishi Electric
Telekom Indonesia


Seamless, Secure: SSO

Check out our online demo that shows how you can create a secure, password-free experience for your customers that uses strong authentication with CIAM and biometric login.

SSO Deployment

Watch our YouTube video showing how you can quickly setup SSO for your employees. Combine MFA and SSO for the highest level of access security.

Windows Desktop Security

Read more about using OmniDefend, to add strong authentication for access to all the Windows desktops in your network.

MFA for Business

Learn how OmniDefend can be used to add multi-factor authentication into your in-house applications using our APIs.