OmniPass was the world’s first password management solution.  At a time before SSO, password fill, or MFA, OmniPass would remember your passwords, protect your files, and sign you into your favorite websites quickly and securely. For the first time, you could use the same authentication for your private docs, pictures, and files as you would use for signing into your websites and applications. Additionally, OmniPass integrated seamlessly with biometric technology, being the first to utilize fingerprint readers, palm vein scanners, Smart Cards, TPM chips, etc.


The SecureDrive comprehensive data protection solution allowed you to take full advantage of the encryption and security features of Opal-based self-encrypting drives (SEDs). SecureDrive was the first software solution that let administrators remotely perform a secure erase of the data from the drive to simplify PC end of life processing. Included in the security suite was advanced integration with the Intel vPro Technology and Remote Encryption SDK (AMT) allowing for PCs (powered on or off) to be remotely unlocked by the I/T administrator to perform management tasks such as software installation and patch management.