What is OmniDefend E-KYC Verification?

Accurate identity verification, fraud detection, and an AI onboarding experience are digitized with the OmniDefend E-KYC Authentication Solutions. With our trusted digital solutions in place, your customers are our priority. We are a fast, accurate, and safe AI-curated solution for identity verification and easy onboarding for global corporate organizations.

OmniDefend Can Help Your Business Grow

OmniDefend provides easy digital onboarding, prioritizing customer interaction with supportive E-KYC Verification and allowing them to quickly create an account online without hassle.

OD Business Grow
Corporate Growth

OmniDefend provides easy digital onboarding, prioritizing customer interaction with supportive E-KYC Verification. Add on customers rapidly and seamlessly, transforming your business.

Biometric Identity

With digital onboarding through a biometric identity management system, OmniDefend caters to clients who need usage efficiency, service access, and a secure future. We aim to provide customers with hassle-free services, ensuring genuine authentication and cyber attack prevention.

Reduced Cost
Cost Reduction

Automated onboarding systems promote effective customer acquisition and secure identity verification. With OmniDefend, automate customer onboarding and reduce manual support team costs.

Risc and Fraud
Prevents Risks and Frauds

Eliminate risk of fraud with effective, customer-oriented automated onboarding. Identity authentication offers fraud detection, securing organizations from potential risks, and saving brand damage, data leakage, and reputation harm


OmniDefend's online onboarding is made simpler with an AI curated system supporting customer identity verification with multi-factor authentication and biometric authentication. These provide users with a hassle-free experience throughout onboarding process.

Complete KYC and Verification

OmniDefend provides an advanced biometrics-oriented system that helps customers with authentication and identity verification. Our modern data analysis system results in automated onboarding and optimized customer acquisition with full E-KYC verification.

Why is E-KYC Authentication Crucial?

An E-KYC solution is essential for customers who desire enhanced cyber protection. The UIDAI has authorized particular industries and agents to provide E-KYC verification services due to the crucial necessity of user identity verification.

Be assured that your sensitive data remains secure with OmniDefend customer identity verification. Our biometric authentication solution is essential to combat modern day methods of cyber attack.

OmniDefend E-KYC Verification Solutions provides complete digital identity verification and assists in overall account management for corporate, financial, healthcare and other organizations.

With OmniDefend Online Onboarding E-KYC Authentication, client acquisition has become simple and efficient with onboarding through biometric authentication and verification.