SCIM, System for Cross-Domain Identity Management, is an application protocol that manages and communicates across domains with high security. SCIM communicates user identity and creates a bridge between service providers and identity providers. SCIM Clients are integrated to manage the CRUD (Create, Replace, Update, Delete) operations, apply queries and filters, and create user groups across teams within organizations. SCIM allows the automation of user lifecycles and maintains different user accounts in the platform.

How Does OmniDefend Help with SCIM Authentication?

OmniDefend SCIM Identity Management helps provision and manage multiple user accounts within businesses and organizations through cloud-based applications. OmniDefend integration with SCIM serves as both a service provider and identity provider, giving the mentioned benefits:
  • IT Departments can seamlessly manage user accounts and lifecycle management processes via a single application.
  • Employee accounts can be created or derived from external systems without any hassle.
  • New joiners are automatically supplied with their user accounts along with access to specific applications.
  • Profile updates and other changes are updated automatically across systems.
  • Inactive employee accounts are deactivated from their applications.

Why Use SCIM?

SCIM ensures data security and creates a seamless user experience by automation of the user identity lifecycle management process. Companies support exponential growth, and growth drives employee number turnover that increases user accounts. These user accounts are used for everything right from sign-ins to CRM and across team collaborations, including requests to add or remove employee access, change permissions across the team, add new accounts, and categorize across roles.
SCIM Identity Management can be utilized to create user identities or import from external systems. This data is created and stored consistently and communicated in the same way across different web applications. SCIM allows automation of the process for the IT Department, supporting provisioning and de-provisioning and transferring data automatically with single system management.

OmniDefend and SCIM Integration

OmniDefend integrates with SCIM as both a service provider and identity provider. This allows the service provider, as a third-party client tool, to access, add, modify, and delete user information within OmniDefend. As an identity provider, OmniDefend utilizes SCIM Identity Management to provision and manage users’ access to third-party applications.

OmniDefend and SCIM Identity Management together can reduce the IT Department hassle related to provisioning and deprovisioning accounts when employees join, leave, or shift roles elsewhere within the organization.