Authenticate customers using OmniDefend’s biometrics

Biometric authentication is becoming increasingly important for organizations, as it provides a secure and reliable way to authenticate users. It is more accurate than traditional methods of authentication such as passwords and pins, making it much harder for attackers to gain access to confidential data. A strong fingerprint authentication can help organizations protect their systems and data from unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive information. OmniDefend is the industry leader in secure biometric solutions.

Fraud Reduction

Identity fraud is dramatically increasing in banking, retail, healthcare and other sectors. Organizations want to verify customer transactions as part of their ‘know your customer’ (KYC) initiatives. OmniDefend can be integrated into your customer workflows. Validate a user’s biometric before authorizing a withdrawal at a bank. Use phone authentication to confirm a retail purchase payment. These are just some examples of how OmniDefend’s transaction verification can reduce customer identity fraud in your organization.

Frictionless Transactions

OmniDefend’s transaction verification using biometrics make life simpler for your customer. Using biometrics saves staff time, improves customer experience, and increases process efficiencies. This means your customers will want to keep coming back to your organization.

Strong Authentication

OmniDefend supports many authentication methods. A customer can use biometrics, tokens, OTP or phone based (FIDO) authentication to verify transactions.
Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting

OmniDefend’s real-time reporting engine records all customer transaction verifications. You can quickly find out what transaction was performed, who performed the transaction, and at what time and from which machine they transacted. Reporting data can be exported into multiple formats for use with various 3rd party reporting software.

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Real Time Reporting