Protect your custom applications using OmniDefend IAM APIs

Coding applications for modern day security and authentication can be challenging for your development team. By using OmniDefend’s WMAPIs, your developers can focus on building the features important to your business without having to worry about developing difficult security, identity, and authentication modules for users. Watch the video to see how quickly you can integrate OmniDefend authentication into your application.

RESTful WebAPI’s

OmniDefend provides RESTful WebAPIs that can be called from any platform. APIs are provided for management, authentication, and authorization of workforce users as well as managing organization applications for authentication and single sign-on.
Final RESTful API
Industry Standard API

Industry Standards

OmniDefend’s APIs are based on industry standards for user management, authentication and authorization. The IDAM APIs implement SCIM 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenId Connect and other standards to ensure the highest level of security and protection for your enterprise assets.

Industry Standard API

Development Kits

OmniDefend provides SDKs that wrap the RESTful APIs into easy to use objects and classes depending on your development platform. SDKs are also designed to easily integrate into popular development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Development Kits

Platform Independent

OmniDefend’s RESTful WebAPIs can be called from any platform. This allows you to integrate centralized Identity and Access Management (IAM) across your Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Linux application.

IoT Integration

Using OmniDefend’s WMAPIs, you can integrate authentication in your enterprise across logical and physical devices. The WMAPIs can be called from IoT or other physical devices such as door locks, ATM machines, medicine cabinets, etc. to standardize authentication and authorization across all parts of your enterprise. Enroll once and authorize your workforce anywhere easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

Omnidefend offers a Workforce Protection API that helps organizations protect their most valuable asset—their employees—with real-time, location-based safety alerts.

The Workforce Protection API can access data such as employee profiles, location coordinates, emergency contacts, and other pertinent employee information.

Yes, the Workforce Protection API integrates with existing systems such as Human Resources, payroll, and timekeeping software.

No, the Workforce Protection API is not open-source.

Yes, the Workforce Protection API is available in multiple languages.

No, the Workforce Protection API is not open-source.

Yes, the Workforce Protection API offers customer support. Customers can contact support via email or phone for assistance.