Security Assertion Markup Language or SAML is a standardized system which plays a role in allowing the user to access multiple web applications through one set of credentials. SAML functions by passing information to authenticate between two parties, one being the Identity provider and the other a web application.

SAML works with Single Sign-On (SSO) and provides single-time authentication. The system later communicates authentication along with multiple web applications. SAML behaves as an identity card to verify and authenticate the user’s identity. SAML has the primary ability of interoperability and is utilized widely for communicating user identity over the cloud service providers.

How Does SAML Work?

The SAML works alongside the authentication process carrying access to multiple web applications across domains. The SAML SSO Authentication is achievable by centralizing user authentication with an Identity Provider. SAML SSO authentication method, the user does not require to remember multiple but just one credential for all their applications.

These work in perks of service providers as only one strong credential will be stored for a single system other than hundreds of weak passwords crawling across, breaching the security. <-????? OmniDefend leverages SSO by implementing biometrics, OTPs, PIN, Smart Cards, etc., for easier, simpler, and more secure user sign-ins.

Principal ??

The principal is the human user trying to access the cloud application. ??

Identity Provider
Identity Provider (IdP)

The Identity Provider is the cloud software service storing user identity and authenticating the login procedure. An SSO system works differently from IdP but acts as a representative for IdP in the SAML Workflow.

Service Provider

The cloud-hosted application that the user wants to use is the service provider. Usually, the user has to log into different applications, while with SSO, the user has to log into SSO, and the service provider sends a response to the principal allowing access.

SAML SSO Authentication

SAML SSO Authentication is a mechanism which utilizes SAML by allowing users to login into multiple web applications after a single sign-on into the identity provider. SAML promotes a seamless user experience with SSO and provides faster and more secure logins across different web applications.

SAML SSO provides users with easy sign-on, multiple platform logins, and single credential requirements for seamless access across the system. OmniDefend utilizes the upper hand with the usage of biometrics, OTPs, and other easier methods of sign-ins than the username and password.

SAML Federated Authentication speaks for improving user satisfaction and enhanced productivity with affordable costs. Single Sign-On with the Identity Provider grabs access across multiple web applications by clicking on the URL or navigating to the site using bookmark icons.

SAML Authentication

The SAML Based Authentication involves an encrypted connection established between the OmniDefend Identity Provider and SSO software. OmniDefend focuses on utilizing biometric authentication to log in across multiple web applications and enables secure sign in without the hassle of remembering passwords. The OmniDefend configuration across SaaS channels creates a trustworthy login.