How to Boost Productivity with OmniDefend Single Sign-On

Single Sign On

An organization or company always looks forward to progressively developing the workflow for better productivity. However, the process of repetitive multi-login access feels tedious & inconvenient every time you log in. It often becomes challenging for your employees to remember endless usernames and passwords to gain access to all the services, applications, modules, or algorithms in your productivity suite. However, an advanced (SSO) Single sign-on authentication system enables your company to engage the workflow and accomplish better productivity, thereby providing your company with a direct way to save time, reduce expenditures and strengthen the company’s internal security network. This enables you to optimize workflow by engaging the workforce and increasing productivity.

What Is SSO?

Single Sign-on (SSO) is categorized as a security authentication system, enabling the company’s employees to use one set of login credentials. For instance, a single ID and password to access several applications and modules without the hassle of re-entering credentials every time. The OmniDefend Universal SSO Engine is built with strong authentication and reduces IT friction in all business applications. This Single sign-on authentication eliminates unwanted tasks and helps with functions like user-activity management and user-account oversight. OmniDefend supports standards-based SSO using Directory Federation Services, SAML, and OpenId Connect. SSO is a significant way to meet data access and antivirus protection prerequisites.

Single Sign-On

Benefits Of SSO – Single Sign-On

  • Refines Security Configuration

A Single Sign-on Authentication can be exercised with combined Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for additional security defense of the system. For instance, an employee can use MFA biometrics like face and fingerprint or smart card or U2F and FIDO2 compatible hardware every time they access through a secured application or server.

  • Enhances User Experience

SSO can also integrate with OmniDefend’s real-time reporting system to avoid any risk from third-party interference. It ultimately secures applications and resources. It strengthens the security facility to find out if any third party accessed the application and from which IP address.

  • Latest Industrial Authentication Technology 

The Universal SSO Engine eliminates repeated logins with one single-step process enabling users to enjoy a modern digital experience with security. This allows for reduced password fatigue and enables increased workflow within the enterprise. It also helps with regulatory compliance and saves time.

  • SSO Lowers IT Costs

Single Sign-on Authentication reduces IT expenditure by saving time on password resets, commonly occurring when every employee is trusted to manage their credentials. However, with SSO, employees are no longer required to memorize credentials. In fact, OmniDefend allows the admin to set up SSO with multifactor authentication so that the employee is never privy to their password in the first place. This eliminates the risk of phishing attacks, which are the most common type of security breach in the corporate world. . SSO enables users to reset their authentication security passwords themselves, eliminating the IT department’s involvement. When the company executes an integral SSO solution, it improves security, and usability, and saves time and money from IT department interference.

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