How Biometric Authentication Login Systems Can Improve Security & Reduce Fraud

Biometric authentication

Technology is like an abyss of innovation and automation for a better future. However, technology is at risk of a security breach in this transition of innovation modules. The worst nightmare for any company or enterprise business is to fall prey to fraud or data theft. Fraudsters, scammers, or hackers who can operate your company’s computer server networks can cause significant financial harm. To safeguard your company’s server network, you must use multifactor authentication/ Biometric Authentication.

Technology through automation & artificial intelligence is definitely engineered to form authentic innovation. To secure your privacy and data from threats and cybercrimes attacks, Biometric authentication login is the best way. It is definitely the best form of authentication, as it is hardest to implicate & duplicate a specific biometric signature. Biometrics enables the user to shift beyond regular passwords and OTP validation. Biometric authentication is an authentication solution that is engineered with simplicity, security, and cost-effectiveness compared to other legacy authenticators.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication is a meticulously engineered security system. It is a metamorphosis advancement to replace password-based systems. It displaces One-Time Passcodes (OTPs), Passwords, and Knowledge-Based Answers (KBAs) with more encrypted, consumer-friendly, and cost-efficient authentication results. The biometric authentication login provides a higher level of security that cannot be forgotten or stolen, like passwords. It is based on an individual’s unique biological characteristics to validate identification. It identifies a person during enrollment by analysing and comparing their physical characteristics.

Types Of Biometric Authentication

Visual biometric authentication devices

  • Facial recognition 
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Iris recognition
  • Retina scans
  • Ear authentication
  • Hand geometry recognition
  • Signature recognition

Auditory biometric authentication devices

  • It involves Voice ID recognition of individuals by their voice established by the shape of the mouth.

Behavioural identifiers

  • Gait Recognition 
  • Typing recognition establishes how fast they type.

Chemical biometric authentication devices

  • DNA (It involves using a genetic material reference to identify a person.

The vein or vascular scanners equipment

  • It involves Finger vein ID recognition established on the vein patterns in an individual’s finger.

Benefits Of Biometric Authentication

  • Simple & Quick Identification

Automated Biometric authentication login by Fingerprint Identification in the system enables access to the identified individuals only in the database in which they are enrolled. 

  • Total Control On Fraudulent Invaders

Several companies & healthcare sectors are activating Biometric authentication to verify their client’s transactions. OmniDefend identification is incorporated into the workflow network to analyze the individual’s biometrics before authorizing any form of withdrawal at a bank or other payment modes.

  • Easy Transactions Process

Using Biometric authentication login is convenient for performing seamless transactions by using OmniDefend’s transaction verification based on biometrics. It saves time & fraudulent activities.

  • Safeguard From Third-Party Interference 

Protects all important documents & files from any third-party interference through strong OmniDefend biometric authentication & real-time reporting engine. Also it registers all customer transaction verifications.

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