Enhancing Security with Powerful Smart Card Authentication by Omnidefend

Smart Card Authentication works by creating, storing, and operating cryptographic keys. OmniDefend Smart card authentication functions with the help of a smart card, smart card device, and our proprietary authentication software. Smart cards are a powerful form of authentication because they use cryptographic keys which are secured logically and physically, virtually eliminating the risk of compromise.

Why is Smart Card Authentication Important?

Before giving access to computer networks, systems, and apps, the organization must ratify the authenticity of a user. Many industries keep their data in a protected data center, and the workforce accesses this data remotely; the user authentication mechanism must be tamper-proof.

Smart card authentication relies on two unique forms of authentication by verifying what the user has swiped i.e, the smart card and the special identifier for the consumer i.e, PIN. OmniDefend Smart Card Authentication service comes as the best choice for an industry that values security and relies on it.

Advantages of Smart Card Authentication

The following are benefits that complement organizations and improve remote and in-office workforce protection by providing secure solutions.

Smart Card_2

Smart cards offer enhanced protection as opposed to standard magnetic swipe cards. They can contain microprocessors that may process data directly without a distant connection. Furthermore, information stored in a smart card cannot be simply modified or deleted.


Smart card details may be updated remotely without issuing the latest card. Cards cannot be copied as they are encrypted and have a special ID. By using a smart card, a consumer can access data quickly and securely.


Smart cards are generally less expensive than digital tokens and other authentication platforms. They simply obey the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) packing standards.

Processing Power
Processing Power

Smart cards leverage a CPU that can perform external tasks in addition to standard data storage. The CPU, for example, can increment every time a consumer enters an incorrect PIN, and it will automatically lock that consumer card at a certain increment.

Secure Data with OmniDefend Smart Card Authentication

With the rise in the usage of virtual applications, sensitive data is discarded from the endpoint and stored in a protected, centralized location to prevent any security threats. As the endpoint is the gateway to centrally stored data, it is critical that consumers who gain access to such endpoint devices go through a strong authentication process.

With OmniDefend Smart Card Authentication, we ensure workforce protection to allow employees to smoothly work-from-home in any corner of the world. We strive to build an authentic culture that ensures workforce protection with easy access and secure logins.