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Introducing OmniDefend

Softex was one of the first companies to introduce single sign-on with biometric authentication in 1999 with our OmniPass product.   Our OmniPass Client Edition was bundled with laptops and desktops from all the major PC OEMs (often under the OEM’s brand).  Between our OmniPass Client and Enterprise Edition products, we have shipped over 100M+ copies to over 500 enterprise customers.  However, after 20 years, OmniPass was starting to show its age.  So in 2021, Softex introduced OmniDefend – a full identity and access management solution based on industry standards that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.   So what can OmniDefend do for your organization?

Protect the applications and systems that are accessed by your workforce

Protect and secure employees, contractors, and partners access to critical business applications with features like single sign-on, Windows desktop protection, multifactor authentication and more.  Authentication can be achieved using all different types of biometrics, OTP, smart card and/or our mobile authenticator.  The full user lifecycle (including application access) is audited to help with compliance and reporting.

Identify and authenticate your customers in your business processes and workflows

Use strong authentication to enroll, identify and validate your customers to secure your business processes.  Whether you are a bank that wants to implement KYC (“Know your customer”) or a health care facility that wants to quickly check-in patients, OmniDefend is your solution.  OmniDefend supports large scale customer identification and transaction verification using biometrics like fingerprint readers or a customer’s mobile phone

Secure and make easier your organization’s online experience

Using OmniDefend, you can provide a seamless and secure experience to users on your website and other online portals by eliminating the password and replacing it with strong authentication using FIDO 2.0, OTP, or other technologies.

Unlike OmniPass, OmniDefend implements all these identity and access management capabilities using industry standards.  OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML, SCIM 2.0, FIDO 2.0, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) are just some of the standards that are supported.  But like OmniPass, OmniDefend still supports non-standards based single sign-on with our award winning password fill technology. We are really excited for the future of our company as we work with enterprises around the world to help solve their identity and access management challenges with our incredible platform.  If you want more information on OmniDefend, please contact one of our sales people by filling our contact form.